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Mr. McGowan

Mr. McGowan is our new Director of Lifelong Formation at St. Barnabas Church. He comes home to us after many years working in the Church in both the Midwest and around the country.

Patrick is a St. Barnabas (1986), Mt. Carmel (1990), Marquette University, (1995) and Notre Dame (MDiv, 2005) graduate. He has worked in faith formation and catechesis at parishes in both California and South Bend, Indiana, as well as with the St. Vincent de Paul Society in South Bend. Patrick spent two years as a member of a Catholic Worker community in South Bend, and then worked in Catholic publishing as an editor at Ave Maria Press and Liturgical Press from 2007 to 2016.

He has been working as the assistant director of admissions at Catholic Theological Union (CTU) in Hyde Park since 2016. Patrick is married to Annie McGowan, a professor of liturgy and worship at CTU. Their two children are Neil (age 4) and Cecilia (age 1). Patrick and Annie enjoy walks along Lake Michigan, taking their kids to the park and cooking simple meals together. They believe that worship, prayer, and service all work together in forming Christian lives, and they look forward to meeting families around the parish and sharing a life of faith.