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Mrs. Ballard

Purdue University, B.A. in Communications 

Mrs. Ballard, whose first name is pronounced Kei-sha-na, joined our 5th grade teaching team in 2019. She has been teaching for 11 years and has taught several grades--for the past six years, she has been teaching grades 4-6. She is currently completing her master’s degree in Special Education at Grand Canyon University.


Mrs. Ballard believes it is her responsibility as a teacher to provide students with the following: 

  • an environment conducive to learning;
  • knowledge that will help them be successful in achieving their lives’ goals;
  • materials, opportunities and feedback that will help them learn; 
  • and help in becoming and remaining motivated to be successful both in their studies and in applying their knowledge to solve problems in their lives.


“As a wife and mother, life can get busy as I search to balance the schedules of my 10-year-old (son) and 4-year-old (daughter). I’m an active member of my church in addition to singing in the adult choir. In my spare time, I find great joy in doing makeup for special occasions; I’m usually the go-to person at my church for weddings, prom, etc. I still enjoy a nice book to occupy my time when I’m not busy. I believe that life is what you make it--make a choice to start over no matter how many times it takes!”