Special Curriculum » Music



Our music program incorporates developmentally-appropriate concepts of vocal and instrumental music into engaging lessons designed to foster a lifelong appreciation for music. Each December, students from 5th grade will act as the choir in the Christmas Pageant, and each grade will sing selected songs for the student Christmas assembly.


Concepts covered from pre-school through 5th grade include: instrument families (woodwinds, strings and bass), four ways to use the voice (singing, speaking, whispering and shouting), writing and identifying notes and rests, breathing with the diaphragm, musical theatre and opera, recorder basics, including technique, fingering, posture and tone quality and reading notes (B, A, and G on the recorder).


Junior high classes will cover topics such as: 20th Century American Music (Blues, Ragtime, Tin Pan Alley, Jazz, Rock and Rock, Soul, Motown, Origin of Hip Hop), music of various cultural regions: South America, Persia, Africa, India, Japan and Native American and complete projects such as the musical artist and time period research projects and presentations.