The St. Barnabas School Art Fair is an annual springtime event looked forward to by students and parents alike!  Each and every St. Barnabas student, from preschool through 8th grade, selects a work of art they’ve created to be matted, framed and displayed in the school gym for all to see! This framed artwork is available for purchase by families to display and enjoy at home for years to come.
Art to Remember is a program offered each year that turns your child’s work of art into a wide variety of personalized keepsakes, including: mugs, flags, bags, plates, cards, ornaments and coasters. This is a great way to keep your child’s most treasured artwork on display as something you can use everyday. Art to Remember is a completely optional program; participation is not required; funds raised go toward our art program.
We can’t wait to see what our Buckeye artists create this year!