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Program Overview

The St. Barnabas Parish Athletic Program provides a participatory, recreational and competitive sports program as an extension of the St. Barnabas School academic program.  Participants learn the fundamentals of each sport and are given the opportunity to develop a sense of good sportsmanship, fair play and team spirit.  We will foster, through athletics, the spiritual, physical, and educational growth of our Christian youth.

St. Barnabas Parish is concerned with the development of the whole person—the religious, moral, social, and academic dimensions, as well as physical development.  We believe that participation in athletics is an important part of student development.  We serve the school community through its students, and the parish community through the students actively involved in the Religious Education program.
Athletic Board Members    
Chairman Greg Liss
Vice-Chairman Bran Harvey
Treasurer Angela Sheehan
Secretary Gianna Burklow
Coordinators for 2018-2019    
Football Rich Baudo
Cheerleading Sarah Cruz
  Shannon Foster
Girls Basketball Rick Haymaker
Boys Basketball Matt King
Junior Basketball Grace Sadowski
Fall Soccer Dave Hladik
Spring Soccer Open  
Girls Volleyball Gianna Burklow
Boys Volleyball Mary Vogt
8th grade Golf Open  
Publicity John Chatz
SCC Rep Joe Herber
Family Liaison Lauren Glennon
Family Liaison John Fitzpatrick
Gym Coordinator Karen Lux