Buckeye Scholarship


What is it?

St. Barnabas Parish has funded a Buckeye Scholarship that is available to active, Catholic parishioners to assist with the payment of St. Barnabas School tuition costs. 


Which St. Barnabas families may apply for the Buckeye Scholarship?

Families who may apply for the Buckeye Scholarship are active, Catholic parish families who spend more than 10% of their adjusted gross income on Catholic education at St. Barnabas and Catholic high schools. The adjusted gross income is from the families’ federal tax return for the prior year.


An example of a St. Barnabas family that may qualify is one who has an adjusted gross income of the family is $105,000 and there are three children attending St. Barnabas.  Another example is a family that has a gross income of $150,000 and one child at Mother McAuley and two children at St. Barnabas. 


Is the application process confidential?



How does a St. Barnabas family apply?

Applications for the Buckeye Scholarship can be completed by clicking here.  Complete tax return, including all schedules, must be submitted with application by May 30, 2023.


What is the timeline for the application process?

The timeline for the application process is as follows:


May 30 June 30 July 15

Family submits application and the family’s entire Federal tax return, by clicking here

Scholarship Committee notifies applicant families of scholarship awards

Families notify St. Barnabas rectory of acceptance of scholarship award


Applications for the Buckeye Scholarship must be filed annually. In the case of the one-time scholarship award, the application must be filed when the unexpected change in family circumstances occurs.