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St. Barnabas School and Parish are a flourishing part of the Beverly community and an anchor of Catholicism both in worship and education. Our students will become leaders of the next generation, both in the workplace and in our faith.
A faith-based education the foundation for this success and we are grateful to our school parents for the sacrifices they make to send their children to St. Barnabas. We continually strive to set the pace for the education we provide our students but we hold fast to the belief that we live in God’s world. We know we are blessed by the gifts we’ve been given and know that, in return, we are expected to be the best servants of God that we can be.
Students are given numerous ways to serve our school, parish, community and others during their time at St. Barnabas School. Student Council, our annual All-School Service Day and the numerous original ideas for service brought to us by students and parishioners are some of the ways we act out our faith.

Another service opportunity we offer students is becoming an Altar Server. This ministry is open to St. Barnabas students and Religious Education students in grades 6-8 and is very important to our parish community, as Altar Servers provide assistance at Sunday, weekday and special masses.  Direct participation in the functions of the mass, along with developing a relationship with priests, sacristans and others who participate in the mass helps students develop an appreciation for the benefits of worshiping as a community.