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When asked why they love St. Barnabas, parents and parishioners often reference the challenging curriculum or the faith-based culture. However, one aspect of St. Barnabas encompasses all the many factors that make it a great place to belong and is the most common answer to why people love it here -- our community.


Our strong, vibrant parish and school community is the indescribable element that allows us to imagine school-wide events like All-School Service Day and St. Baldrick’s Day and know we will be able to successfully achieve them. It can be seen in parents talking as they wait to pick up their children from school, or when a family member is ill and neighbors and friends join together to help. Though it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes our community so special, it can be felt in the halls of the school and the aisles of the church. It is St. Barnabas, and we are so happy you’re here!