Parent Forms

Handbook Agreement

Please review the complete online handbook carefully; it can be found on the St. Barnabas School website here. Read the applicable information with your child(ren). Complete and return the bottom portion to school by September 3, 2019. Thank you.

This online document contains pertinent information relating to St. Barnabas School programs and policies as directed by the Archdiocese of Chicago, Office of Catholic Schools. If you have any questions or concerns about the information, you may contact us by calling the school at 773.445.7711.


I/we have received access to the St. Barnabas School Parent/Student Handbook for 2019-2020 and agree to abide by and support all of the policies and procedures as written in the complete online handbook featured at: under the “Parents” tab.


Parent Code

Just as the parents look to the school to provide the facilities and trained personnel that are essential to their child’s proper development, so the school looks to the parents to assume active responsibilities that cannot be delegated to others.

No school can be wholly effective in teaching the values of religion and the virtues of honesty, respect for authority, consideration for the rights and property of others, and standards of personal morality and integrity unless these principles have been established, upheld and valued in the home. Parents’ cooperation with the school, instilling respect for the integrity of its teachers and administration, and actively supporting their authority in the home, will be reflected in the positive attitudes of their children.


Parents are asked to take an active role in their child’s education by:
    •    Assisting their child in his/her academic and moral development by carefully reviewing classwork, test results, checking their child’s grades on Power School and report cards; supervising home study without doing the homework for them; and reinforcing school policies;
    •    Insisting on their child’s regular school attendance and punctuality and complying with attendance rules and procedures; having their child to school on time and picking up their child on time at the end of the school day;
    •    Seeing that the dress code, including gym uniform, is enforced;
    •    Teaching their child respect for law, for authority, for the rights of others, and for public and private property. This includes showing respect for the work of others and not tolerating cheating under any circumstance;
    •    Always interacting with school personnel in a respectful manner. Verbal abuse, including speaking disrespectfully, or physical harassment may result in their child being required to withdraw from the school immediately or not being allowed to re-register for the following year;
    •    Not tolerating vulgar, sarcastic, or catty language from their child – leading by example;
    •    Attending Parent Teacher Conferences;
    •    Making sure their child comes to school each day with the supplies, homework, books, lunch, etc. that are needed;
    •    Working with the school in a cooperative effort to carry out recommendations made in the best interest of their child, including those related to educational evaluations and counseling;
    •    Monitoring their child’s cell phone use, social networking activity and computer usage;
    •    Not posting defamatory or threatening statements about the school, its staff or students on social media. If this happens, parents/guardians can be required to remove the offensive material or withdraw their child(ren) from the school.


At all times, parents and family members must conduct themselves in a way that fosters a safe and positive school environment for all members of our school community. This expectation includes, but is not limited to, exercising caution and compliance during pick-up and drop-off, and maintaining positive communication with teachers, administrators and students. When a parent or guardian conducts himself or herself in a manner that jeopardizes the safety or well-being of persons within our school community, that individual risks the continued enrollment or future registration of their child(ren) with our school. Parents choosing Catholic School for their children frequently cite commitment to structure and discipline as major reasons for their investment in Catholic education. Our students are to conduct themselves at all times as examples of Christian behavior.


While most parents find our approach to discipline to be very favorable, there are instances when a child breaks a rule and must understand the consequences of his or her actions. It is then that a parent may attempt to debate the fairness of the school policy or make excuses for the child’s misbehavior. Our school administration does not engage in debates with parents about our rules and regulations, nor can it be supportive of parents who are interfering with a child’s growth in accepting personal responsibility for his or her actions. By enrolling a child in this school, the parent agrees to and is supportive of the rules and regulations that we deem as critical in the spiritual, academic and behavioral growth of the child.


I/we have read and understand the Parent Code for St. Barnabas School.


Responsible Use Policy

Students of St. Barnabas School are expected to handle both personal and school-owned technology* with the utmost care both inside and outside of school. Parents are responsible for paying the full cost of any damage or replacement of a device for negligent/irresponsible behavior. Negligent/irresponsible behavior will result in student disciplinary procedures, including the possible loss of all technology device privileges. A student may earn his/her privilege back by demonstrating a positive change in behavior and meeting with the Technology Director. *School-owned technology includes but is not limited to desktop computers, iPads and laptops and all corresponding equipment.


Students in grades 4-8 will be issued access to an Gmail and Google Drive account. This account is the property of the school and is monitored by teachers and administration and therefore not private.  It is to be used to complete assignments and submit them electronically. Access to the Google Drive account is a privilege and certain responsibilities accompany that privilege. Students are expected to demonstrate the same level of ethical and professional manner that is required in face to face or written communications. Any device that accesses the school’s network falls under these privacy guidelines.

Students are expected to use technology in a respectful and responsible manner. Students will be held accountable for the searches, photos and the device as a whole while it is in their possession. All activities on any technology device should be limited to the teacher’s directions.

Policy Enforcement: St. Barnabas faculty, staff and administration will work together to enforce the guidelines of Responsible Use. Violations of these guidelines will be enforced through the Administration. Legal authorities will be contacted if situations warrant.


In the event of violation(s) of any school policies, and in consideration of the nature and degree of the violation and the number of previous violations, one or more of the following consequences may apply: 
• Personal electronic devices, including those owned by the student, may be confiscated
  and/or searched. 
• Student use of technology may be limited for an extended period of time. 
• Disciplinary decisions including possible suspension or expulsion will be consistent with school policies.


I/We have discussed this policy with child(ren) and accept and agree to the guidelines that St. Barnabas School sets and understand that this policy is subject to change at the discretion of the Administration.   I/We understand that our child(ren) will be required to read and sign this policy in school to ensure their understanding that using technology to enhance their learning is a privilege.