100th Anniversary Day of Giving - Until April 30

St. Barnabas Parish is celebrating our 100th year of Community, Faith, and Education. As we celebrate the past 100 years, we look forward to providing the same spiritual and educational community for the next 100 years.
In order to do so, we need to rally our community to support the immediate needs of our church, which is to replace the pews, floor, asbestos, and paint the church interior, a project that will cost over $800,000. The pew placement will be also be reconfigured to allow for handicap access.
Now through April 30th, St. Barnabas is hosting a Day of Giving to raise funds and begin preparing our church for the future.  On this day, there will be an 8:45 mass, fun challenges and community spirit as we come together as friends, alumni and parishioners to care for our church.  All donations raised through the Day of Giving will remain at St. Barnabas to be used for this extensive project. 
Visit the giving page to learn more and to donate!