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Project Match

Differentiated Learning with Project MATCH

St. Barnabas uses the Project MATCH (Matching Achievement to Curriculum Heights) Program for ELA (reading) and math to promote high student achievement for all levels of learners.

Grouping for these two core areas allows us to offer smaller learning settings and the opportunity to move at an instructional pace that is as supportive or as challenging as our students need.  Grouping students by ability allows teachers to further differentiate the curriculum to meet the needs of their students by reducing the achievement range of students within a classroom.

Regardless of the academic grouping, the curriculum is largely the same; the setting and pacing are different and geared specifically to the needs of the students.

For reading, students are grouped within their grade by ability and prior learning.  The content of the ELA classes is largely based on the Pearson reading series, Reading Street.  Depending on the needs of the students within each group, teachers may supplement the text with other resources that further support or challenge the students.

For math, students are grouped by ability within their grade or, when needed, moved up to the next grade’s math curriculum.  For K-8, the math curriculum is largely based on the series GO MATH!.  All classes adhere to the learning standards of the Archdiocese of Chicago.