Collaboration and responsible use are the foundation of our approach to technology.  We continue to expand upon digital devices and educational technology each year. 


The Kindergarten - Grade 8 students are 1:1 with an Apple iPad, meaning all students have access to their own devices during the school day.  Using Google Classroom for assignments and information sharing across all grade levels connects parents/guardians to the classroom agenda. 

The younger students have access to iPads in their classroom, integrating them into differentiated learning style support and engaging educational apps.  

Junior High students (Grades 6-8) have a more comprehensive approach to educational technology, setting the foundation for success in high school and beyond.  Technology is incorporated into their daily instruction.  Students collaborate with staff and peers to create multimedia presentations, inquire and research, and review and submit most classwork and homework via iPads.

Smart Boards are in every classroom, allowing our teaching staff to integrate technology into instruction seamlessly.  3D printers, a media green screen, and coding tools allow students to create and explore.