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High School Readiness


St. Barnabas School is committed to ensuring that all students find the best possible match for their high school noreen r grad picexperience. This page will guide parents and students through the high school application process and assist families in making the decision that is right for them. In addition to this resource, St. Barnabas offers a 9 session after-school test prep class that is geared towards the Catholic School Entrance Exam. This course includes a Saturday practice exam to prepare for the real exam day. This year, the class will be live-streamed for any e-Learners that would like to participate. Registration for this optional class is due to Mrs. Lisa Sarcinella by October 1, 2020. 

  • Consider your student’s unique strengths, interests and struggles
  • Have open conversations with your student to gain insight on their opinion of the high school decision
  • Attend open houses
  • Schedule a shadow day for your student (if offered)
  • Research high school programs before ruling them out
  • Consider and discuss backup plans with your student
  • Stay Positive! Every student will find their right match and it will all work out in the end!
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Many Catholic Schools will have scholarships available that are specific to their school. Please visit the school website to find these scholarships: