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The purpose of the counseling program at St. Barnabas School is to foster an atmosphere of kindness while empowering and educating students to succeed in academics, social interactions, understanding and controlling their emotions, and developing their knowledge of the world of work.

Every student will receive counseling lessons in a classroom setting every other week.  Lessons will cover topics such as: Healthy Friendships, Appropriate Language, Study Skills, Anger Management, Mindfulness, Internet Safety, Organization, Emotion Identification, Academic Honesty and Empathy.

Students who require more personalized attention to address individual issues will be able to meet with the counselor one-on-one or in groups as necessary. Students may request time with the counselor online here, or they may be referred by a teacher or other staff member. For more information and helpful counseling resources, visit Ms. Geissel's virtual counseling office here.