School Advisory Board

The St. Barnabas School Advisory Board recognizes the importance of a Catholic education in the development of Christian values and academic excellence.


The purpose of the advisory board is to support the St. Barnabas educational community in order to ensure that students have the opportunity to develop an appreciation of themselves and others, as well as to recognize their responsibility to society.

Role Includes:

  • To review and recommend policies that govern the operation of St. Barnabas School.
  • To collaborate with the Pastor in the hiring the Principal. 
  • To review and comment on the annual budget and to assist with the development of sources for School funding.
  • To participate in the School's development, student recruitment efforts, and long-range plans.

  • To help accomplish the goals and objectives of the St. Barnabas School Mission Statement.
  • To promote and publicize the school.
Members serve a three-year term.  All members shall be Catholic and a registered Member of St. Barnabas Parish, except that one (1) Member may be non-Catholic.


Mrs. Maura Finn (4th year, Past Chairperson)
Mr. Christopher Kaskie (3rd year, Chairperson)
Mr. William Peterson (2nd year, Vice Chairperson)
Mrs. Bridget Duignan Rivero (1st year, Secretary)
Mrs. Nicole O'Brien (2nd year)
Mrs. Elisabeth Pennix (3rd year)
Mr. Joseph Herber (3rd year)
Mrs. Kathleen Morgan (3rd year)
Mrs. Mirjam Quinn (2nd year)
Mrs. Meghan McGarry (1st year)
Mr. Marco Tinio (1st year)
Mrs. Kelly Bojan (1st year)
Reverend James Donovan, Ex Officio
Mrs. Elaine Gaffney, Principal, Executive Officer
Barnabas Beat
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School Advisory Board email:
2019-2020 Meeting Schedule
School Advisory Board Meetings are generally held one Monday evening per month at 7 pm in the school. Schedule is as follows unless otherwise announced in the school newsletter:
August 19
September 23
October 28
November 25
December 16
January 13
February 24
March 30
April 27
May 18
June 8