Special Celebrations

There are numerous occasions to gather at Church as a school community beyond weekly school masses. Many of these celebrations play a formative role, creating lasting and fond memories for the students and families. A few highlights include....
MAY CROWNING - Led by the Student Council Commissioner of Religious Affairs, in partnership with our 2nd-grade and 8th-grade students, is our annual May Crowning.  The reverence shown to our Mother Mary is a favorite day for many in the community.  
CHRISTMAS PAGEANTS - We celebrate the birth of Jesus with two pageants.  Nothing touches the heart and brings a smile like the Preschool Pageant.  This endearing tradition creates a memorable experience for our preschool families as we witness our youngest Buckeyes sharing the Story of the First Christmas.  We also enjoy a larger pageant by our 1st, 5th, and 7th-grade students.  The beautiful student voices fill the church as parents/guardians, grandparents, and parishioners rejoice in the wonders of this glorious pageant.  
SAINTS WAX MUSEUM - Each year, as part of their religion instruction,  the 4th-grade students learn about and reflect on the impactful lives of the saints.  In honor of All Saints Day, each November 1st, the students dress in full character as they present the life of their chosen, influential saint.  We witness the bravery of our 4th-grade students as they present their stories to their fellow students and parishioners.