Student Ministry

Students who feel called to Church ministry have several options for contributing to the celebration of mass.  Student ministry allows for a new appreciation and understanding of mass and helps students further develop their poise, confidence, and reverence.


ALTAR SERVER - Students in grades 6 - 8 can serve at Sunday, weekday, and special masses.  Direct participation in the functions of the mass and developing a relationship with priests, sacristans, and others who participate in the mass helps students develop an appreciation for the benefits of worshiping as a community.


EUCHARISTIC MINISTER -  Open to 8th-grade students who have made the Sacrament of Confirmation, many of our Eucharistic ministers continue their ministry in their high school years.  


CHOIR -  We offer two Choir opportunities for students.  The Parish Children’s Choir, open to grades 3-8 students, participates in weekend masses and is the highlight of Christmas Eve Mass.  The School Cantor Choir, open to grades 6-8 students, share their voices at our weekly Tuesday morning student masses.