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Athletic Board


The St. Barnabas Athletic Board manages St. Barnabas athletics.  The complete Athletic Board By-Law, including each board member's role, the process to become a coach, student eligibility, and procedures for parent issues or concerns, may be found HERE.

St. Barnabas Athletic Board Executive Committee

Chair - Joe Herber; [email protected]
Vice Chair - open position

Treasurer - Josephine Bradley; [email protected]

Secretary - Gianna Burklow; [email protected]

Southside Catholic Conference Rep - Joe Herber; [email protected]

Pastor - Rev. James Donovan; [email protected] (non-voting member)
Principal - Mr. Jonathan Stack; [email protected] (non-voting member)

General Athletic Board Members

Family Liaison 1 - Mirlene Dossous; [email protected]

Family Liaison 2 - open position

Gym Coordinator - open position (non-voting member)
Publicity - John Chatz; [email protected]

Basketball (Girls) - Michael Berry; [email protected]

Basketball (Boys) - Jim Jennings; [email protected]

Basketball (Co-Ed Junior) - Grace Sadowski; [email protected]

Cheerleading - Katrina Murrihy, Tara Miles, Lucy Hubbird; [email protected]

Football - Brian Murrihy; [email protected]

Golf - PJ McGrath; [email protected]

Soccer (Co-Ed) - Kevin O'Kelly; [email protected]

Volleyball (Girls) - Open Position

Volleyball (Boys) - Andrea Crowley; [email protected]

The Family Liaisons support the community. Issues or concerns about something that may be occurring on a team may be brought to the attention of the Family Liaison, Mirlene Dossous; [email protected]
Role of the Family Liaison, Per Athletic Board’s By-Laws: 
  • Receive suggestions, recommendations, and complaints from parents.  Family Liaisons will utilize the “Family Liaison Issue Form” as a guide in gathering information regarding concerns.  Attempts are made to resolve most concerns through the coordinators.
  • Prior to monthly Board Meetings, the Family Liaisons, along with the Vice Chair, will go over and discuss any complaints received and determine their recommendations for resolution.  The Vice-Chair will present these complaints and their recommendations to the Board at each monthly meeting.
  • After hearing the complaints and recommendations, the Board will discuss, and a vote by the Athletic Board Executive Board will decide the outcome.
  • If the complaint requires immediate action, the Executive Board will meet to resolve the issue.