St. Baldrick's/Pat Mac's Pack

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St. Barnabas School has been hosting St. Baldrick's Day since 2011, and it all began because of a very special student, Patrick McNamara, who was in 8th grade at St. Barnabas when he succumbed to pediatric brain cancer in 2011 after a long battle. He is the reason we are "Pat Mac's Pack". With St. Baldrick's Day each year, we hope to honor his legacy and the memory of other loved ones lost, as well as celebrate the survivors of pediatric cancer. These are the reasons St. Baldrick's Day at St. Barnabas is still so successful, with over $440,000 raised since 2011, and means so much to us as a community.
For more information on Patrick McNamara, please click the PDF below or visit Check out the coverage of our 2020 event in Chicago Catholic here!
What is St. Baldrick's?

St. Baldrick’s Day is a national fundraiser created by the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to help fund research to cure childhood cancer. Research for childhood cancer is severely underfunded, despite the fact that more children are lost to childhood cancers than all other diseases combined. Since 2005, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation has raised over $282 million dollars at their events to help fund research, and the work is paying off! Survivor rates for children diagnosed with certain cancers have risen from almost 0 in the 1950s to near 90% today for the most common types of cancer. We want to help raise that survivor rate to 100%!


How Can I Help?

St. Baldrick's Day is coming on March 6, 2020! Here are the ways you can help:

  1. Parents can volunteer for the school event, which is from approximately 8-11:50am on Friday, March 6. Click here to volunteer!
  2. Students may participate in dress down days on Friday, March 6 and March 13.

    Two Ways to Dress Down to support Pat Mac’s Pack:

    - Students who purchased PMP gear this year may wear it!

    - For a one-time, $5 donation to St. Baldrick's (per student, counts for both days), students may dress down in
    school-appropriate green clothing or Pat Mac’s Pack gear from previous years.

  3. Children can shave their head or cut off 8” of hair. Each participant will need to create a unique fundraising link. Click here for the registration link and read on for step-by-step registration instructions. (Please note each child in your family will need their OWN link).
  4. NEW THIS YEAR! Kids can get a cool Pat Mac’s Pack temporary tattoo on their cheek, hand or arm (this replaces the face painting activities of previous years). These children DO NOT need to create a unique fundraising link (unless they want to). Tattoo Permission Form

Please note: there is a minimum fundraising fee of $50 per child for all shavees, hair-cutters and temporary tattoo participants. You will only receive a ST. BALDRICK’S T-shirt if you register on their website and raise a minimum of $50.