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4th Grade All Saints Day Virtual Wax Museum

Welcome to our 2020 All Saints Day Virtual Wax Museum! We invite you to learn about some amazing saints from our 4th grade students. Please click on the saint names to view each student's video biography of their saint. These 4th-graders have worked so hard to provide you with a virtual version of our annual wax museum, which the St. Barnabas community looks forward to every year! Please enjoy!
Ms. Moody's Homeroom 101
Ms. Cloonan/Mrs. Heebner's Homeroom 203
Steven B. St. Dominic
Ava B. St. Dwynwen
Colm C. St. Patrick
Finn C. St. Francis of Assisi
Nathan D. St. Sebastian
Molly F. St. Jacinta
Rose G. St. Brigid of Ireland
Kyi H. St. Maurice
James J. St. Peter
Emily K. St. Catherine of Sienna
Sam K. St. Nicholas
Miles M. St. Robert
Quinn O. St. Christopher
William P. St. George
Elizabeth P. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Brendan S. St. Ignatius of Loyola
William T. St. Lorenzo Ruiz
Delaney T. St. Bernadette
Madisyn W. St. Lucy
Mrs. Lukareski/Mrs. Krukowski's Homeroom 205
Lydia B. St. Clare
Rose C. St. Rose of Phillippine Duchesne
Evan C. St. Francis of Assisi
Maximus D.
Titan E.
Michael G. St. Michael the Archangel
Ximena H. St. Anne
Stella L. St. Joan of Arc Part I  -  St. Joan of Arc Part II
Edward L. St. Edward the Martyr
Madilyn M. St. Cecilia
Evan P. St. Peter
Jack R. St. Francis of Assisi
Finian R. St. Finnian of Clonard
Sean S. St. Brendan the Navigator
Fahy S. St. Bernadette
Waylon S. St. John Eudes
Kieran T. St. Kieran
Asynah W. St. Mary
Elizabeth W. St. Mary
Charlotte W. St. Teresa of Jesus (St. Teresa of Avila)
Grayson W. St. Barnabas
Macy Z. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton