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The 2018-2019 Parent/Student Handbook is now available online.  Any updates made to the Handbook during the school year will be posted here.
At St. Barnabas it is our belief that a school dress code lessens distractions and cultivates a sense of focus and consistency for our students. In order to best serve the needs of our students, our dress code must be amended based upon need from time to time. As such, it is our policy from here forward that distracting head ware including, but not limited to: bandanas, neon-colored or distracting headpieces of any kind and headbands with animal ears are not permitted in school.

Finally, we also do not permit students to wear electronic watches that can receive text messages.
Under Possible Reasons for Immediate Detentions:
  • Laser pens are not permitted in school and will be immediately confiscated and not returned

Under Possible Reasons for Immediate Suspensions:

  • Smoking, including possession of smoking materials and/or alternative nicotine products
  • Possession or use of pepper spray
Under Wellness Policy
Head Lice Policy:

Though lice are not harmful, they can be an expensive nuisance in a home or school. As such, whenever we are notified of multiple cases of these pests, we like to be proactive as a school in preventing spreading or infestation.

To prevent these bugs from spreading, we encourage parents and students to take the following precautions: Don’t share hats, helmets, brushes, etc. Spray your child’s hair with a natural lice deterrent like tea tree oil and keep long hair in a bun or braid to help keep these pests away. We also advise parents to check their child’s head weekly to prevent the spread.

As parents of St. Barnabas students, please be prepared for professional all-school lice screenings as determined necessary by administration. All students are highly encouraged to participate in these low-cost screenings. Parents who do not wish for their child to be checked must contact the school office immediately upon hearing of a scheduled screening. In opting out, parents must provide written documentation to the school office from a physician or hair care professional by the date of the screening, stating that their child has been checked for head lice. Parents may choose to take their child to Disentangle (11104 S. Kedzie Ave.) or another facility on their own if for any reason they feel that the all-school screening is not the best option for their child. In this situation, documentation of a personal head check must still be submitted to the school by the date of the lice screening.

During the head check, if your child is found to have lice you will be notified immediately and asked to pick up your child. A child cannot return to school without documentation from a physician or hair care professional noting that the lice have been treated.

While contracting lice can be frustrating and emotional, lice aren’t preferential - there’s no shame in getting them. It is critical that the school and parents work together to rid our school of this pesky pest; we ask that you contact the school immediately if you believe your child has lice. Taking the necessary steps to prevent or remedy the situation is equally important.