About St. Barnabas School

Celebrating nearly 100 Years of Academic Excellence 
One of the first Catholic schools on the southside of Chicago, St. Barnabas is a beacon of faith, kindness, and community. As a forward-thinking school, we embrace change, and with generations of families living, serving, and learning at St. Barnabas, we also honor our traditions.  
Part of the Archdiocese of Chicago, St. Barnabas was founded in 1924 in the historic Beverly neighborhood, located about 25 minutes south of downtown.  Open to grades PK3 -  8,  close to 500 students thrive on our beautifully maintained campus.
At St. Barnabas, we set high academic expectations for all of our students and provide a nurturing environment and numerous levels of support to ensure our students succeed. Every student has different gifts, different talents, and different interests, and we seek to embrace and cultivate the strengths of each individual.  Our students consistently earn high scores on standardized tests and are admitted to their first-choice high schools.