Based in Faith

St. Barnabas School and Parish are a flourishing part of life in the Beverly community and an anchor of Catholic worship and education.  Under the guidance of our pastor, Reverend James Donovan, the school and parish are woven together in faith.  
Catholic Identity is at the heart of our school, and our belief in Christ and the power of a Catholic education shapes our experience.  Our Root Beliefs are the guiding principles for all members of the St. Barnabas Community, and the best way to understand our root beliefs is to weave them into the everyday. 
All students share in daily prayer, reflection, and religious instruction.  Our staff and students live out their faith daily through simple acts of kindness, love, and faith.  Children are encouraged to embrace and find comfort and courage in their faith, and our faculty and staff have a true calling to serve through Catholic education.
SB Root Beliefs