Virtus for Volunteers

WE ARE SO GRATEFUL for the gift of time so many share with our community. Volunteers are a vital component in allowing St. Barnabas to be the thriving and active school it is. THANK YOU.
Any adult who spends time with our students is required to complete training and verification on an annual basis. This includes those who give many, many hours of their time in coaching or working with the arts. It also includes occasional volunteers like field trip chaperones, parent readers, and lunch duty volunteers. We encourage every parent/guardian to ensure they are set at the start of each school year.
We recognize Virtus can sometimes feel confusing, and we're here to help!

The Archdiocese of Chicago mandates compliance requirements, and the St. Barnabas Administration is responsible for ensuring we adhere to these regulations.  The steps to Virtus compliance are outlined below. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Sue Connolly in the Main Office, and she will guide you through the process. 773-445-7711; [email protected]
Every volunteer, those who initially trained years ago and those who just completed their first time training, must complete two annual forms:  CANTS(22) and CANTS(689)

Additionally,  MRT (Mandated Reporter training) is required every three years.  Not sure about your MRT status?  Log into MRT to check or call/email the school to inquire.

Completed CANTS and MRT forms may be delivered to the Main Office, attn: Mrs. Sue Connolly, or email a pdf scan to [email protected].
If you previously completed training in the past but have not been active in the past year, your account has likely moved to inactive status. Please notify Mrs. Sue Connolly at 773-445-7711 or at [email protected] in the Main Office to be reinstated. Follow-up training and forms will be required upon re-activation.
CREATE ACCOUNT - Register for an account at
Select Chicago, IL (Archdiocese) from the list and St. Barnabas SCHOOL as your primary location. Choose the online training, and the system will automatically assign the training to your account during pre-registration.
TRAINING VIDEO - You will be assigned the “Protecting God’s Children” Training Video.
Protecting God's Children for Adults is a training conducted by certified facilitators to prevent child sexual abuse. The training educates participants on the signs of child sexual abuse, the methods and means by which offenders commit abuse, and how to prevent it. 
ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS - Once completed, additional training requirements will be assigned to your account and can be found in the “required documents” tab.
  • CBC - Criminal Background Check, answer the questions and click to submit at the end to initiate this process.  Usually takes 48hrs to clear and will automatically update in Virtus.
  • ASB - Archdiocese Standards of Behavior. After reading the document, sign your name and click submit.  This will automatically update in Virtus once completed.

MRT TRAINING - Mandated Reporter Training, a certification outside of Virtus, is also required. Connect to training HERE. When you complete the training, download and email the certificate to Mrs. Sue Connolly at [email protected]. This certificate is good for three years and will remain on file at St. Barnabas.
Virtus Coordinator