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Scrip is a tuition reimbursement program initiated to assist school families with tuition costs.  Tuition credits can be earned by participating in the Scrip program.  Participation in the Scrip program is voluntary; however, the more you participate, the more you save. Current families and even prospective families can participate in the St. Barnabas Scrip program.  Prospective families may bank credits towards their future St. Barnabas School tuition costs but at no time can credits be cashed out. Credits earned may be transferred to another St. Barnabas School family or donated to the Buckeye Scholarship.
St. Barnabas Scrip is a weekly school event that runs from August to June. Orders must be placed by 9 am on Mondays for orders to be returned via student on Thursday.
Credits are posted to the family's tuition account in January and July.
Visit to discover all of the national stores available to participants.  Our program also offers many local stores such as County Fair, Horse Thief Hollow, Fox's, Open Outcry and more.
If you have questions or would like assistance setting up an account, please contact Julie McGrath at [email protected]