Athletic Liaison

THE ATHLETIC LIAISON supports the school athletic community. Issues or concerns about something that may be occurring on a team may be brought to the attention of Family Liaison.
ROLE OF THE LIAISON, per the Athletic Board’s By-Laws: 
1. Receive suggestions, recommendations, and complaints from parents.  Liaisons will utilize the “Family Liaison Issue Form” as a guide in gathering information regarding concerns.  Attempts are made to resolve most concerns through the coordinators.
2. Prior to monthly Board Meetings, the Liaisons, along with the Vice Chair, will go over and discuss any complaints received and determine their recommendations for resolution.  The Vice-Chair will present these complaints and their recommendations to the Board at each monthly meeting.
3. After hearing the complaints and recommendations, the Board will discuss, and a vote by the Athletic Board Executive Board will decide the outcome.
4. If the complaint requires immediate action, the Executive Board will meet to resolve the issue.
Athletic Liaison
 Mirlene Dossous; [email protected]