Athletic Teams

VALUING teamwork, managing time, understanding healthy competition, and even coping with disappointment are just some of the benefits of youth sports.  We have a robust sports offering, and the connection between classmates as teammates fosters strong social relationships and an inclusive atmosphere.  We have great fun celebrating our Buckeyes with Pack the House Nights, Homecoming festivities, and overall good cheer and camaraderie on the sidelines.

The St. Barnabas Athletic Board manages St. Barnabas athletics in partnership with the school and parish.

St. Barnabas students in academic and behavioral good standing can participate on St. Barnabas sports teams.  St. Barnabas parishioners actively involved with the St. Barnabas Religious Education Program may participate in some St. Barnabas team sports.  Eligibility criteria for Religious Ed students may be reviewed HERE.

JOE HERBER, Athletic Board Chair, [email protected]