School Uniforms

UNIFORM REGULATIONS - Students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 are required to adhere to a dress code each day. Administration and teachers perform daily uniform checks to ensure students adhere to the dress code standards.
Students in Preschool also have uniform requirements. Given the younger age, the uniform priority is comfort, ease, and household preference. PreK students may opt to wear the traditional school uniform or gym uniform on a daily basis.  PreK students have PE class one day per week, and we ask on  “gym day” that they wear a gym uniform to school. 
Dress Code overview and an excerpt from the Handbook may be found below. Download a printable Uniform Guide.
TRADITIONAL UNIFORMS - Red or white collared shirt for all students. Navy pants or uniform-style shorts are required for boys (and optional for girls). Girls in Grades K - 4 wear red plaid jumpers, and Grades 5 - 8 wear red plaid skirts. 
GYM UNIFORMS - Students are required to wear gym uniforms to school on the days they have PE Class. Students in K - 5 attend PE twice per week, and Grades 6-8 attend once per week. Gym uniforms (shorts and t-shirts) are also permissible when the expected weather is 75 degrees or above.
SPIRIT WEAR FRIDAYS - Students may wear St. Barnabas spirit wear tops with uniform bottoms every Friday. Spirit wear tops should display St. Barnabas School, Parish, or Team/Activity branding. Uniform bottoms are required on Friday Spirit Days.
FOOTWEAR, ACCESSORIES, AND HAIRSTYLES - Complete details regarding uniform requirements, including watches, jewelry, hairstyle, and outwear guidelines, may be found HERE.
PURCHASE - Plaid jumpers, skirts, and gym uniforms are available for purchase at Schools Are Us - 3146 W 111th St, Chicago, IL 60655.    All other items, including navy pants or shorts and collared shirts, may be purchased at any retailer, such as Target, Old Navy, or Land's End.  Optional Spirit Wear may be purchased via the FSA Buckeye Shop.
Uniform Guide