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Arrival and Departure Procedures


K-8 students are always welcome to enter through the Main Entrance each morning. Students in grades 4-5 will be dismissed from the doors on the north end of campus, along 101st Street.  We encourage all families to set a designated meeting place for end-of-day dismissal.


The doors open at 7:45am for the morning arrival. Students arriving past 7:55am will be marked tardy.  Complete details regarding tardy arrivals may be found in the Parent-Student Handbook.

Students are dismissed from the building by homeroom in a staggered exit from 2:55pm - 3pm. Any student still on campus at 3:10pm, without parental or caregiver observation, will be sent to Aftercare.  PLEASE NOTE - on all regular dismissal days, the Preschool students dismiss at 2:50pm. The early Preschool dismissal allows families with multiple children to make their way from the Preschool Building to the Main Building in a timely manner. 

Occasionally, students dismiss at an earlier time,  11:50am (half-days) or 1:30pm (early dismissal).  These days are communicated in advance via the annual school calendar.



Students walking to and from school should utilize the service of our local crossing guards.  Crossing guards are under the guidance of our local school district and are stationed at 103rd & Longwood, 99th & Longwood, 103rd & Leavitt, and 101st Street and Place.



Children are encouraged to ride bikes to school if they adhere to the regulations regarding bike safety and security:

  • Bike helmets are recommended and may be stored in students’ lockers.
  • Bikes must be walked in the parking lot, on sidewalks surrounding school property, and when crossing streets with designated crossing guards. 
  • All students must utilize a personal lock to secure their bikes to the designated bike rack on the north end of the parking lot. 
  • The school does not accept responsibility for bikes stolen from the premises or for damage done to bikes.
  • Bikes left on weekends, holidays, and summer vacation may be removed at the discretion of school Maintenance & Facility staff.


Enter via Walden Parkway, at the east side of the school, along train tracks. 
Entrance to the parking lot from Longwood Drive during arrival and departure is prohibited.

  • PARK & WALK - Parents/caregivers may park on the east side of the lot (closest to Walden).  Parents/caregivers are encouraged to escort students to and from the front of the building.  Acting with care and caution, older students may exit or enter the parking lot independently.  All should utilize the yellow designated walking lanes.
  • MORNING DROP-OFF LANE - enter the parking lot at the farthest north lane (closest to the building).  Students should efficiently and independently exit the vehicle near the front of the school.  Vehicles should then slowly exit the parking lot at the far south lane (closest to the Early Childhood Building).


Parents/caregivers may park across from the school on 101st Place (south of the Church) or the west (Church side) of Longwood Drive. If choosing either of these locations, students must use the designated Longwood crossing guards.  Crossing in the middle of Longwood is forbidden.

Parking or stopping to let students exit/enter vehicles on the east (school side) of Longwood is forbidden.  Vehicles are NOT permitted to stop, slow, or park anywhere along the east side of Longwood Drive from 102nd St. - 100th St.  This is for our entire Beverly neighborhood's safety and traffic efficiency. 


In the morning, families may also utilize a “Quick Drop” at the 101st Street doors (north side of the school).  This is a condensed, high-traffic area, and ‘Quick Drop” is only recommended for those students that can exit the vehicle efficiently and without adult assistance.  Parents/caregivers may not exit their vehicles at this drop-off point to assist with seat buckles, backpacks, etc.
Please be mindful of traffic back-ups that can occur on 101st Street due to the pedestrian, train, and Longwood traffic, which may lead to student tardiness. 
Parking vehicles and utilizing 101st Street between Longwood & Walden as a meeting destination is prohibited.